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Buying your home: A step-by-step approach

There is a lot to consider when you decide to buy a home, especially if it is your first. How much home you can afford? What kind of loan should you choose? Which neighborhoods are both affordable and a good investment? These are just a few of the questions you’ll be asking yourself. But with an experienced agent to help you, you’ll get the guidance you need to come up with the right answers−and a home you love.

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Posted on 23 November 2015 | 9:00 pm

#YourStoryIsOurStory: A Shared Homebuying Journey

Windermere agent Gina Dhom has a methodology for helping her clients; she conducts an interview to help them identify their dream home goals. At first Chelsea and Brad were unsure of what they wanted, but with Gina's guidance they were able to pin point exactly what they needed, enabling them to locate the perfect home to make their own.   

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Posted on 20 November 2015 | 8:00 pm

Providing food for the holidays and the rest of the year

It’s that time of year again when many of our Windermere offices are out in their communities helping to collect donations and raise money for their local area food banks. Many people rely on the food they get from food banks to feed their families. Not having the luxury to purchase their own food means that many families have to make do with what’s available at the time. You can help make the season brighter for these families by donating items that are needed most.

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Posted on 19 November 2015 | 7:52 pm

Oregon and Southwest Washington Real Estate Market Update


Although the rate of growth has slowed somewhat, the Oregon economy continues to expand its job base. There was a decline in employment in September and the unemployment rate rose, but I do not see this as a trend so much as a temporary “blip”. I anticipate that, going forward, the State will continue to see growth at rates above the national average.

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Posted on 17 November 2015 | 7:00 pm

Home Security Systems: Protecting the People and Things You Value the Most

With the holidays, come new temptations for burglars. With that in mind, now is a good time to start thinking about the security of your home. From old-school security tricks to new digital home monitoring tools, there are many options when it comes to keeping our homes safe. Read on to learn more about how you can modify your home and keep it safe from intruders.

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Posted on 16 November 2015 | 10:00 pm

#YourStoryIsOurStory: Finding a Miracle Home

You know you found a special relationship when you consider your real estate agent to be a part of your family. Not only has Julie Huff helped Shirley & Jerry find their miracle home. She also helped their son & his family find the home that has become the gathering place for multiple generations.

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Posted on 13 November 2015 | 9:00 pm

Understanding the Chinese Home Buyer in the U.S. Housing Market

Earlier this week, Bill Russell, head of International Development for Chinese real estate website, Juwai, spoke to a large group of Windermere agents about how to connect to Chinese buyers. Since China is a country with very different marketing tactics and a culture drastically different than our own, we were able to learn a great deal. To put things in perspective, currently has 2.6 million unique views per month from Chinese consumers who are searching purely for western properties; 20 percent of whom live outside of China. The United States is the number one searched country by far, followed by Australia and Canada.

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Posted on 12 November 2015 | 11:00 am

Western Washington Real Estate Market Update


After a period of above-average growth, Washington State has seen a modest slowing in employment growth, but we continue to add jobs at a respectable rate. The State unemployment rate was measured at 5.3%, marginally above the national level, but it is trending in the right direction.

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Posted on 11 November 2015 | 7:01 pm

Five Essentials for Your Home Office

Most people dream of working from home, but ask anyone who does it on a regular basis, and they’ll tell you how hard it can be to stay productive when you work where you live. The most disciplined telecommuters will tell you that you need a structured routine and organization to rise and grind and get into work mode.

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Posted on 10 November 2015 | 7:00 pm

Over the Top: What's the Most Outrageous Feature You Have Seen In a Home?

It’s not every day you get to tour a $16.5 million dollar mansion. But Wednesday we were lucky enough to be able to crash an invite-only Brokers Open event that drew more than 50 Windermere agents from throughout the greater Seattle area. You’ve heard the saying “fit for a King” but this place really is FIT. FOR. A. KING. Walking through this jaw-dropping 13,610 square-foot masterpiece honestly takes your breath away. If you don’t believe us, check out the pictures.

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Posted on 6 November 2015 | 7:00 pm